ServiceNow Acquires Intella, an end-to-end talent acquisition solution by Advance Solutions


Intella is a holistic ‘one-stop’ digital transformation solution for your HR teams to help deliver faster & more efficient services and manage your workforce better. Employee experience has never been more important. Organizations are struggling with multiple HCM tools to provide seamless employee experience, and clunky integrations make the process complex and expensive.  

While ServiceNow HRSD helps with HR business processes and HCM tools work in silos to manage employees throughout the employee lifecycle, the need of the hour is to invest in a holistic HR solution like Intella that bridges the gap between these tools and simplifies HR processes from Hire-to-Retire, giving optimum ROI on your HCM Strategies.

Intella empowers your HR team to manage the entire employee lifecyle from staffing, recruitments, talent management, learning and development to payroll, etc., on one single platform, built on ServiceNow!

Simplify work for your HR Teams.

One Solution that unifies all your HR services throughout the employee lifecycle.

One Solution for all your HR Processes.

Employees are any organization’s most valuable assets. Intella helps organizations help their HR teams operate more efficiently. It ensures all employees have a seamless employee experience throughout their employee lifecycle and supports management to save time and cost by automating workflows to help simplify work.

Why Intella?

Empower your HR professionals with seamless end-to-end employee lifecycle management. Work with a highly connected & deeply engaged workforce that performs at its best. 

Comprehensive HR Solution

Organizations using ServiceNow HRSD don’t need to integrate different HCM solutions for different functions, thereby relying on a single system to serve all HR purposes.

No Integration Roadblocks

Intella helps organizations avoid stressful and costly integrations of multiple HCM solutions by catering with all HR needs through one comprehensive package.

AI-Powered Automation

Repetitive manual processes are prone to errors. Intella automates workflows to eliminate redundant and complicated HR processes and minimize human invention.

Built on ServiceNow

Unlock the power of ServiceNow with modern, cloud-based, and low-code no-code technology that increases work efficiency, time, and eliminates human errors.

Reduced HR Workload & Costs

Streamlined automated processes lower cost, effort, and time spent on hiring. Intelligent workflows automate HR processes to manage employees from hire-to-retire.

Higher Employee Satisfaction & Retention

Seamless engagement and effective communication throughout the entire employee lifecycle make employees feel valued and satisfied, thereby improving retention.

Access Real-Time HR Insights

Access real-time and accurate data about your employees with powerful dashboards. Make informed HR decisions based on reliable workforce analytics and reports.

Smoother Succession Planning

Make employee learning a priority. Motivate your employees to take on advanced roles within the organization through upskilling programs which also improves retention.

Are you looking to build a well-engaged workforce managed by simplified & efficient HR processes?

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