About Intella

Our story

Intella helps in streamlining the whole talent acquisition and management process.

Intella is a 100% automated application that helps streamline the interaction between recruiters and applicants. It Helps in decreasing the turnaround time and helps in improving efficiencies in every stage of the recruitment process such as creating a vacancy, requisition, shortlisting candidates and the final hire. Intella has role-based access rights with enhanced level of confidentiality and data privacy. Users can oversee access to various features and capabilities basis their role-based access rights.

Features Of Intella

Ease of collaboration

Allows ease of collaboration between hiring teams, interviewers with their corresponding feedback and status updates and provides applicants, HRs, recruiters and interviewers to have real time access on the progress report on the hiring

Role-based access

Role-based access rights to restrict access to confidential information by all users. Users can oversee access to various features and capabilities creating visibility and access to only those with the role-based access rights.

Centralized storage

Centralized storage of all candidate and recruitment related information which helps in streamline the decision making process and help HRs and recruiters to have real time access to the key data insights such as total number of applicants, the status of their applications and shortlisted candidates, etc.

Streamlining the process

Intella helps in streamlining the whole talent acquisition and management process. It helps in collecting meaningful data from various disparate sources

Track all respondents

Track all respondents with an automated ecosystem founded on ServiceNow’s cloud platform along with regulatory complinaces and data privacy

Comprehensive applicant tracking

A comprehensive and easy to comprehend Applicant Tracking System and Hiring Manager Dashboards to give insights on recruitment

Benefits of Intella​

The Advance HR application is founded unifies a number of disparate sources of information into one streamlined process so as to ease the recruitment procedure overall. Here’s what we can do.
  • User-friendly interface for recruiters, higher executives and applicants
  • Real-time visibility on every stage of hiring
  • 100% Automation of tasks & seamless collaboration
  • Candidate profiles and resume management
  • Seamless integration with job portal sites & options for employee referral
  • User-friendly, self-service reports and dashboards Multi-level built in security
  • Document storage as per data privacy compliance
  • Cost reduction in the hiring process Reduce time spent on hiring process by 70%