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ServiceNow HRSD (Human Resources Service Delivery) is focused on employee workflows for services they request when employed by the company. Intella Recruitment complements this capability by enabling an efficient and welcoming recruitment process that ties into the ServiceNow HRSD onboarding. By integrating the two components within ServiceNow, Intella can transform the way organizations attract and hire talent.

Let’s explore how Intella improves the way organizations attract and onboard new talent.

Intella offers a candidate portal for seamless job discovery and applications, coupled with easy job posting to platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn for wider candidate reach.

  • Content Management: Easily manage and update the content within your candidate portal to provide accurate and relevant information to job seekers.
  • Resume Uploading: Allow candidates to upload their resumes directly onto the platform for easy access during the application process.
  • Resume Parsing: Automatically extract key information from uploaded resumes to populate candidate profiles and simplify application procedures.
  • Candidate Profile Management: Enable job seekers to create and manage their profiles, ensuring that their qualifications and preferences are accurately represented.
  • Job Postings: Display a comprehensive list of available job opportunities for candidates to explore and apply for.
  • Job Application: Provide a straightforward application process for candidates to apply to their desired positions within the portal.
  • Review and Sign Offer Letter: Streamline the offer acceptance process by allowing candidates to review and digitally sign offer letters online.
  • Information on Interviews: Furnish candidates with detailed information about interview schedules, locations, and other relevant details to ensure a smooth interview experience.

Empowering Managers with the Manager Portal

Intella’s dedicated manager portal equips managers with powerful tools to optimize the recruitment process and manage their team’s staffing needs efficiently.

  • New Positions & Recruiting: Initiate position requests and recruitments effortlessly, promptly informing HR and stakeholders, and expediting the hiring process.
  • Applicant Tracking: Track progress, review profiles, and collaborate with HR for informed hiring decisions.
  • Management of Existing Positions: Effortlessly manage existing positions, updating job descriptions, and requirements to meet staffing needs.
  • Recruiting Overview: Gain insights into ongoing and completed recruitment activities. Access detailed reports and analytics to enhance hiring strategies.
  • Open Interviews Tracking: Efficiently schedule and conduct interviews. Coordinate with candidates and interviewers for a smooth process.
  • Candidate Comparison & Evaluation: Easily compare candidates based on various criteria. Evaluate skills and suitability through integrated tools.
  • Employee Profile Review: Access comprehensive profiles of existing employees, including performance and qualifications.
  • Interview Scheduling: Simplify interview coordination with multiple stakeholders.
  • Posting Performance Reports: Gain in-depth insights into the performance of your job postings, tracking metrics such as views, applications, and conversion rates to optimize recruitment strategies.

Intella’s Applicant Tracking feature helps HR managers keep track of open position requests. It allows HRs to quickly screen and filter job applications, rank candidates based on qualifications, and track the status of each application throughout the hiring process.

  • With the candidate comparison feature, HR can identify the most suitable candidate for a particular role.
  • The Employee Profile Comprehensive Summary helps the HR team pre-screen a candidate and track and manage the employee data (information about the employee’s education and work history)
  • The Resume Parsing feature helps the HR team with candidate ranking which is useful for quickly identifying the most promising candidates for a job.
  • Intella’s Recruiting Overview Dashboard offers a visual representation of key recruitment metrics that provides recruiters and hiring managers with an at-a-glance view of the recruitment process.

Advanced Candidate Management

Intella’s powerful features assist managers in effectively managing candidates. They can prioritize candidates, identify desired skills and keywords in resumes, and promote or demote candidates accordingly. The platform also facilitates scheduling and tracking of interviews, enabling managers to create video meetings effortlessly using Zoom, Teams, or other platforms.

With preset evaluation criteria, Intella ensures consistency in the interview process, allowing managers to score interviews effectively. Once the selection process is complete, managers can generate offer letters and wait for candidates to sign them.

Streamlined Offer Process

Saying goodbye to manual handoffs, Intella automates the generation of offer letters for selected candidates. Recruiters can easily track offer status and prompt candidates for a timely response, reducing delays and ensuring a smooth transition to the onboarding phase.


Intella Makes Transition to Onboarding within ServiceNow Super Easy

Intella streamlines the transition of candidates from the recruitment phase to the employee onboarding phase within ServiceNow. As soon as the offer letter is accepted, Intella’s role in the recruitment process ends, and ServiceNow HRSD’s EOT (Employee Onboarding and Transition) takes over seamlessly. This enhances the overall recruitment experience by eliminating manual handoffs, reducing the administrative burden, and creating a more positive onboarding experience for new hires.


To conclude, Intella makes talent acquisition a breeze and simplifies the transition of selected candidates to the onboarding phase, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey from recruitment to becoming valued members of your organization.

Embrace Intella for a welcoming and delightful recruitment experience.

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