Employees are any organization’s most valuable assets. Intella helps organizations help their HR teams operate more efficiently. It ensures all employees have a seamless employee experience throughout their employee lifecycle and supports management to save time and cost by automating workflows to help simplify work.

Workforce Planning

Get a clear overview of your staffing needs and identify talent issues before they impact the organization. Enable your HR team to strategically plan the human resources for your organization in a cost-efficient and timely way. Ensure that your organization has the right people with the right skills at the right time. 

Talent Acquisition

From writing a job requisition to tracking candidates, from conducting interviews to sending final offers, streamline and speed up your entire recruitment process. Intella helps you implement a secure recruitment process with role-based access and track all the ongoing recruitment tasks in real time. 

Talent Management

Align your talent goals with wider corporate goals through an evolved talent strategy. Intella offers a platform for employees to express their needs and ideas so you can fulfill employee expectations and hiring promises. Leverage data and analytics to make smarter management decisions. 

Learning Management

Identify skill sets that benefit your employees’ personal and professional development and plan their progression within the organization. With Intella, your employees can explore career moves, assess competence, and resolve gaps. This improves employee retention and boosts overall performance growth to meet organizational goals. 

Identity & Access Management

Automate email and access provisioning for new hires to corporate Apps so that they have all the tools on Day one to do their work

Payroll with ADP®

ServiceNow® Connector for ADP® Global Payroll built on ServiceNow helps organizations deliver a delightful Employee experience by providing a simple and intuitive single system of engagement to fulfill common payroll support services even when dealing with the complexity and the confusion that accompanies a global organization with multiple payroll platforms, various in country providers and different internal support teams.

Bring a single platform onboard that does all the work for your HR to help build happy teams.