HRSD: Getting Rid of Paper Forms via Digital End-to-end Employee Journeys – Part 2/2

HRSD: Getting Rid of Paper Forms via Digital End-to-end Employee Journeys – Part 2/2

In part 1 of this blog series, we explore the shift that is underway in HR Service Delivery (HRSD). Companies worldwide are transitioning from paper-based, fragmented systems to digital workflows that provide a convenient consumerized experience. This digital transformation is far more efficient and user-friendly for both HR teams and employees, not to mention cost-effective.

Aside from convenience and scalability, there are multiple enterprise-wide benefits to opting modernizing HRSD. Let’s take a closer look at some of the other benefits of leveraging a digitized HRSD system.

Greater Productivity & Smoother Transitions

Thanks to the automation of many tasks and the elimination of paper forms, companies can serve employees far more effectively with fewer resources. This is thanks to capabilities such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, case management, and intelligent automated workflows that minimize the burden of repetitive tasks by automating them. Employee transitions such as onboarding or departures across departments are also easier to manage smoothly. A system that provides comprehensive visibility of these processes along with automation increases efficiency and minimizes and delays or errors.

Reduced Costs

Eliminating paperwork and automation of processes from end-to-end for the employee journey substantially reduces the cost of HRSD. In addition, the ability to manage employee interactions in an organized and efficient fashion with functional clarity also plays a part in lowering costs. Automated self-service options that scale easily are another aspect of modern HRSD digital solutions that minimize costs while providing high quality services.
Many organizations including companies, healthcare organizations and even schools have enjoyed massive benefits from digitization of HR Service Delivery. One organization gained a 50% reduction in time spent on administrative tasks allowing their team members to focus on serving end users. A healthcare organization saw a 40% reduction in their caseload and a financial services company gained a 99% improvement in productivity with thousands of man hours saved in onboarding tasks.

The numbers speak for themselves – it’s clear that eliminating tedious, paper-driven HR service delivery that is primarily manual and switching to digitization of HR service delivery unlocks massive productivity improvements and a far more user-friendly experience. Moreover these employee-centric services give your organization a competitive advantage by raising productivity.

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