Simplify Global Payroll Engagement with INTELLA’s ServiceNow Connector for ADP Global Payroll®

Simplify Global Payroll Engagement with INTELLA through the ServiceNow Connector for ADP Global Payroll

In today’s global business environment, effectively managing payroll worldwide is essential for supporting an active, diverse workforce. However, ensuring everyone can easily access their pay information, no matter where they are, comes with its own set of challenges. These include providing employees with a smooth experience, understanding complex compliance requirements in different places, and keeping payroll data safe and secure. 

INTELLA features the ServiceNow Connector for ADP Global Payroll® that handles these challenges head-on. This integrated solution not only streamlines payroll processes but also prioritizes employee engagement, offering a unified, secure, and compliant approach to global payroll management. 

Employees can check their ADP benefits from Employee Center Pro, ensuring an engaging employee experience

Access ADP Benefits with Employee Center Pro 

Employees can Easily Access and Engage with their Payroll Information 

INTELLA makes the employee journey more engaging through its integrated ServiceNow Connector for ADP Global Payroll®. Seamlessly linking the ServiceNow platform with ADP GlobalView Payroll, with plans to incorporate Celergo®, Workforce Now®, Next Gen HCM®, and more, this integration ensures that employees can easily and securely access their payroll and tax information. 

The connector places a strong emphasis on boosting employee engagement by providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This enables employees to effortlessly retrieve their pay statements and tax details at any time and from any location.  

The portal has a mobile-friendly interface to deliver engaging employee experience while viewing pay and tax statements
Mobile-Friendly Portal for Viewing Pay and Tax Statements 

ServiceNow Virtual Assistant improves Employee Engagement 

A standout feature of the connector is its seamless integration with the ServiceNow Virtual Agent chatbot. This feature enables employees to actively retrieve their recent pay and tax statements while also offering prompt assistance. This amplifies employee involvement and delivers immediate support, enhancing the employee experience. 

Assured Payroll Data Privacy and Security 

In response to widespread concerns regarding data security, INTELLA assures that no ADP data is retained within the ServiceNow system. Access to ADP data is granted solely during active sessions, ensuring that personal information remains securely housed within ADP. This feature assures data privacy and security, which is paramount in today’s digital landscape. 

Furthermore, the system employs advanced encryption methods and “in-session” tokens, fortifying the safeguarding of sensitive payroll data against unauthorized access. This heightened level of security fosters trust among both the organization and its employees, assuring them that their data is effectively protected. 


INTELLA, alongside its other exceptional HR features, presents a winning answer for global payroll management, providing a smooth, secure, and engaging payroll experience. This groundbreaking innovation by Advance Solutions signifies a notable advancement in the world of HR technology.  

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Additionally, you can access the ServiceNow Connector for ADP Global Payroll® through both the ServiceNow store and ADP Marketplace.